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Featuring both emerging and established artistes and their work; looking at what they do, and why they do it, as well as exploring what really motivates and inspires them, Bahrain Arts Magazine is the first and only quality, quarterly independent English language magazine in the world showcasing both Bahraini and Bahrain based photographers, artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and poets.


Bahrain has a huge appetite for the arts. It is a cultural, multi-cultural, diverse and tolerant country, with a real love of both the contemporary and the traditional.


Bahrain Arts Magazine will be printed as a traditional paper edition hand-delivered to you in the Kingdom, or posted to you anywhere in the world.


And every edition of Bahrain Arts Magazine will also be permanently available to view here on this website, as well as at ISSUU, on Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Bahrain Arts Magazine is gallery inspired; we don't review, we don't critique, nor do we analyse or examine, we just showcase and demonstrate to the world the wealth of Bahraini and Bahrain based artistic talent. Our ambitions are to build the magazine to be the foremost arts magazine in the region; collectable, coveted, kept and looked at time and time again!


Join us on this wonderful, creative and undeniably inspiring journey...


"Passion is one great force that unleashes creativity..." Yo-Yo Ma

In the first issue...


Photographer Ghada Khunji


Multi-award winning Bahraini photo-journalist Ghada Khunji travels the world documenting ordinary people and their ordinary lives. Bahrain Arts Magazine caught up with her over coffee one afternoon; chatting about her life, her journey into photography and asking why she does what she does.


Photographer and filmmaker Summer Ameen


Summer's interest in photography began in her late teens, during the summer before going to university. She would go around Bahrain photographing buildings that spoke to her; mostly old abandoned houses and apartment buildings that were full of untold stories. She wanted to capture the emotion inside the broken concrete, fallen metal, and chipped paint. She also photographed still lives of objects around the house. Yet it was only after completing her BA in Filmmaking that she started to take photography more seriously as a craft, and developed her technical skills.


Poet Lonita Nugrahayu


A year after her first book Words of Sunset was published, Bahrain Arts Magazine caught up with Indonesian poet Lonita Nugrahayu, living and working here in Bahrain, and chats about her love of words and poetry, and what motivates and inspires her to write.


Artist Tejbir Singh


As an architect by profession, Tejbir has been working with leading consultancies in Bahrain since 1998. Even as a child, he was always fond of doodling, sketching, drawing and painting. His teachers in school introduced him to oils at a very early age and have always encouraged him to paint. His introduction to watercolours started when he joined architecture college. However, apart from these mediums, he continues to dabble with pastels, charcoal and ink.






Artist Balqees Fakhro


Bahraini artist Balqees is a graduate of University of San Francisco, USA (Lone Mountain College) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts and Art History. She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions locally, regionally and internationally, from 1976 until the present day, and has been awarded several accolades and prizes.


The Art House


Bahrain Arts Magazine's Sara Madan spent a little time at The Art House in Budaya, chatting to its owner Ilse Viljoen about her love of art and mosaics, and her motivation for setting up a workshop platform for other artists on the island.


Artist Preeti Rana


Preeti's home has been the Kingdom of Bahrain for the past 18 years. She is an architect. Travel, serenity and music lead her to discoveries that she describe in paintings, and verse and movement has always been her main contemplation. Whirling dervishes were hence an obvious model, with their flowing skirts and dance form. Yet, through them, she discovered that real movement was less about physical displacement and more about the trajectory of the heart and mind towards understanding and discovery.


Musicians Ashwin Shenoy & Omar Ahmed Al Khulaqi


Ashwin is currently based in Boston, USA and has just graduated from Berklee College of Music with a dual degree in Music Production and Music Performance. However, he was born and raised in Bahrain where the place and the people there are still home to him. Ashwin teamed up with Bahraini poet and good friend Omar Ahmed Al Khulaqi to produce their first EP together titled O.A.K.


Sculptor Dr. Ahmed Abdulla Ahmed


Dr. Ahmed has been interested in art and photography since his high-school years back in the 1950s. But, in 2003, after retiring from a career in medical administration, he became specifically interested in creating steel, wood and bronze sculptures.



Artist Ella Prakash


A lifelong fascination with painting shapes, celebrated Bahrain-base Indian artist Ella Prakash has successfully exhibited her work internationally, including at galleries and venues in London, New York, Miami and Germany, and through her exhibitions she has demonstrated a clear evolution in her approach to art and its truly limitless power.


La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art


Located in the heart of Manama, close to the old Suq and revered by all as a masterpiece of architectural and artistic glory, La Fontaine Centre Of Contemporary Art is an historical monument dating back a hundred and fifty years. Completely restored and renovated by French artist Jean Marc Sinan, who transformed a beautiful residential house into a distinctive, exceptional centre for art and leisure enthusiasts alike.


Writer Monisha K Gumber


Bahrain based Monisha K Gumber is a bestselling author of immensely popular teen novels titled: Sick Of Being Healthy and Dying To Live. Her first book for adults titled BAHIR, is long awaited and already creating a buzz.


Photographer Ishaq Madan


Twenty-five year-old Bahraini photographer Ishaq Madan juggles his love of photography with his 'day job' as a banker. He first indulged in photography at the age of around 10, when he started taking photographs of his family during vacations abroad and, encouraged by his mother to sharpen his skills, his passion for the art developed.


Poet Hameed AlQaed


Since his third year in Primary School, acclaimed Bahraini poet Hameed AlQaed found himself full of a passion for reading; “I read a great many books, although I don’t really remember if someone actually encouraged or motivated me to read. But later, when I started searching for the person or people in my life who did indeed implanted in me this passion, I found that it was only me, and nobody else.”


"Make an empty space in any corner of your mind, and creativity will instantly fill it." Dee Hock







The first great issue is now available to view online. CLICK HERE... we have already started working on issue 2 !!

Issue 2 - Autumn 2018

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Alongside the magazine, we will also be holding regular arts exhibitions and events in the Kingdom. Further details online shortly.


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