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Sadly, unless we get funding, Bahrain Arts Magazine will be closing down on the 26th Feb. It's a real shame, as there are so many gifted artistes on the island, and Bahrain Arts Magazine was indeed a unique and well-respected platform which helped promote and showcase this amazing talent to a truly global audience.


However, rather than close Bahrain Arts Magazine down completely, we have had lots of suggestions regarding Crowdfunding to help support it for at least another 12 months. We need to raise about 2000 BD (about 5300 USD / 4000 GBP), or about 35 BD a week, which will enable us to add more e-magazines to the website, develop the site even further, and showcase many more artists. So if you would like to help, please go to the Crowdfunding link below and pledge your support. It won't cost you much, but with enough support we can keep this arts platform going and continue supporting Bahraini and Bahrain based artistes.


Please also share within your friends, family and arts community too!



If you are Bahrain based business that can pledge the full amount needed to continue, in return we can promote your business on our platform with a full-page advert in the new e-magazines, website banners on all the main menu pages, and a dedicated sponsorship page detailing your company and the products or services you provide. Contact us to discuss.

Bahrain Arts Magazine


Bahrain's leading e-magazine and online arts platform showcasing both Bahraini and Bahrain based photographers, artists, sculptors, musicians, writers and poets.


Bahrain has a huge appetite for the arts. It is a cultural, multi-cultural, diverse and tolerant country, with a real love of both the contemporary and the traditional, and so Bahrain Arts Magazine features both emerging new artists, as well as established professionals; looking at what they do and why they do it, as well as exploring what really motivates and inspires them, and showcasing examples of their work.


"What is art, if no one sees it?


We don't review, we don't critique, nor do we analyse or examine, we just showcase and demonstrate to the world the wealth of Bahraini and Bahrain based artistic talent.


Since its inception March 2018, we have extensively profiled...



With many more planned...


The website has been viewed over 33,000 times, the e-magazine has been downloaded over 4000 times, with over 20,000 impressions and almost 3000 reads at ISSUU.




Shahnaz Al-Qassab


Interview with Shahnaz Al-Qassab. Shahnaz draws what touches her heart. She is inspired by everything, everywhere, and at all times, and is fascinated with the details of the eyes; drawing them really interests her. She does play with colours from time to time, but for Shahnaz, drawing in black, white and shades of grey is much more interesting. CLICK HERE to read more about Shahnaz, and to see examples of her art.


Malek Nass


Interview with Malek Nass. Malek has always been fascinated by different cultures and countries. He believes that in order to create beautiful art, he must first be able to absorb everything around him, and the more he absorbs, the more he is able to express this experience through photography. CLICK HERE to read more about Malek and to see examples of his photography.


Catherine Bassig-Paje


Interview with Catherine Bassig-Paje. Catherine started drawing before she learned to write. After graduating from the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, and a few years learning her craft painting stage designs and murals for television shows, she moved to Bahrain to teach, motivate and inspire other young artists to believe in themselves and their art. CLICK HERE to read more about Catherine and to see examples of her art.













Bahrain Arts Magazine is non-profit making. We are not a business and do not generate any revenue from this website. Please Contact us to support us.


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