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How advertising in, or sponsoring Bahrain Arts Magazine can help showcase your company and the services you provide to an affluent, educated, arts loving client base in the Kingdom, across the region and worldwide.




Bahrain Arts Magazine is the Kingdom’s first and only international English language arts magazine devoted entirely to Bahraini and Bahrain based artists. Whether your market is primarily local, or global; reaching an affluent, educated audience, Bahrain Arts Magazine readers are urban consumers with a keen sense of creativity and expression, and a desire and flair for trying new products and experiences. They have varied interests and their high disposable incomes give them the means to keep up with their sports, hobbies, past-times and travel. Bahrain Arts Magazine readers also have expansive and diverse tastes; they are very well-travelled, outdoors types, expect good service and enjoy higher-end hotels, restaurants, food and drink.


And of course, Bahrain Arts Magazine readers are mad about the arts; they are much more likely to attend a concert, go to the theatre, visit museums and galleries, enjoy listening to new bands and music, and buy and read more books than usual.


Being difficult to reach through other media and newspapers, our readers make Bahrain Arts Magazine an extremely valuable targeted title to include into your marketing budget, and undeniably one of the most cost-effective high-end advertising platforms both in the region and globally.




Already creating quite a buzz, it targets English speaking lovers of the arts across the region and around the world, which gives unparalleled access into this very special and unique marketplace. Because of it primary online platform, Bahrain Arts Magazine readership is international, in the first three months since its launch, it has been read in 27 countries. For example: for one week (week-ending Sunday 5th August) at ISSUU alone, Bahrain Arts Magazine was viewed by readers in Bahrain, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Italy, United States, France, Philippines, Brazil and Germany. Bahrain Arts Magazine has had almost 15,000 impressions online at ISSUU (which means 15,000 people have seen its front cover), and almost 2000 full reads. This excludes pdf downloads of the 1st Issue (1504 as of 8th August 2018), reads on the website and views on other e-platforms including Facebook and Instagram. Bahrain Arts Magazine also gets around 800 unique website visits a week. We anticipate around 8,000 to 10,000 views, reads and downloads for each and every issue across all platforms.


ISSUU readers around the world:


Plus, 53% of our readers view Bahrain Arts Magazine on their desktop, with a further 12% on a tablet thus getting the full benefit of the gallery based, full-page layout and design of your advert/sponsorship profile. Plus 57% click through from embeds on this website:

  • All adverts are kept permanently online and permanently available to download.
  • All advertisers are regularly featured on our social media pages.





We really do offer our sponsors a great deal including:


  • SPONSORED BY and your logo the footer of the front cover, (see above; the cover get viewed thousands of times internationally at ISSUU alone! Everyone seeing the magazine will see your logo).
  • SPONSORED BY and your logo (as above) on the footer of the CONTENTS page.
  • A full page lead advert (prior to the CONTENTS page), assuring maximum views.
  • A banner and link on the home page of the website.
  • A sponsors' profile, logo and sponsorship statement at the back of the magazine, including an image and your contact and social media details.
  • A dedicated sponsor's page on the website, with up to five images sponsorship statement, full contact and social media details and your logo.
  • Sponsor's logo on media boards and publicity.


ALSO... if your budget allows for a full year sponsorship committment...


  • 15% discount on the full year.
  • The opportunity to work in conjunction with Bahrain Arts Magazine with any artistic events or exhibitions you may be planning.
  • Bahrain Arts Magazine can promote and market any artistic exhibitions and events you may be planning to our readership, and on our website and social media platforms, and profile these exhibitions and events over several pages within the magazine.


Sponsorship is either per issue, or for one year. There are FOUR issues per year (quarterly). Should you be able to commit to sponsoring the magazine for a full year (four issues), on top of the 15% discount and all of the above, we are also able to offer UNIQUE INDUSTRY SPONSORSHIP whereby you will be the ONLY sponsor within your specific industry eg: the ONLY airline, the ONLY luxury hotel, the ONLY bank, the ONLY travel agent, the ONLY real estate agency etc. We will not accept sponsorship from any one else within your specific industry sector during your one year sponsorship period.




Full page display advert:


Page/Height Width

Trim Size: 297mm x 210mm
Bleed Size: 303mm x 216mm
Type Area: 270mm x 190mm
PDF Size: 317mm x 230mm

Price: ONLY 250 BD per issue (every 3 months).


Half page display advert:


Page/Height Width

Trim Size: 133mm x 190mm
Bleed Size: None x None
Type Area: 133mm x 190mm
PDF Size: 133mm x 190mm
Price: ONLY 150 BD per issue
(every 3 months).


With a huge online targetted readership, display advertising with us is undeniably the most cost-effective high-end advertising platforms you can find, both in the region, and globally.

  • All files should be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or high resolution TIFF / Jpeg.
  • CMYK Colour only (No spot / Pantone  colour or RGB colour)
  • Image resolution 300dpi



Put your banner advert or logo on the home page this website, with a title and a website link, and get seen by everyone visiting the website! Price just 175 BD / year.




Bahrain Arts Magazine - advertising and sponsorship rate card
RATE CARD - Aug 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]


For advertising enquiries in Bahrain please contact Sara + 973 3396 9606 or CONTACT US HERE.


"I dream my painting, and I paint my dream." Vincent van Gogh


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