Artist Minika S. K.


Interview with artist Minika S. K. Minika's paintings depict optimism, steering the viewer towards an era of imagery; reflections not only of herself, but of her various experiences of life. Her paintings reflect a wide array of emotions and thoughts, connecting viewers to some part of themselves.



Thank you Minika for taking time out to answer a few questions. Firstly are you Bahraini?


Yes, I was born and raised in Bahrain and Bahrain is my home, however I am originally of Indian origin.
When you start your art?


I used to sketch and paint back in my school days, and had a real passion for i. My art, even back then, set me apart from my fellow mates. However, with the passing of time, this interest of mine was slowly replaced with life’s busy chores and schedules. It was around 2016, when I had a little break from my busy life, that I thought to myself; why not get back to something I once loved at school? And so I started painting again. I was quite surprised that the years that had lapsed had actually brought to life the artist in me again.


As an artist, how did you develop your particular style?


We humans tend to go through a range of different emotions and experiences, and transferring them onto canvas through colours has been both challenging and inspiring. As I explored different colours, styles, textures and blends  so as to give a particular emotion or feeling, I discovered that abstracts were my real strength, thus creating artworks that were unique and different, and which depicted optimism, steering the viewer towards an era of imagery. My paintings are not only a reflection of myself but of my various experiences of life, reflecting a wide array of emotions, thoughts and feelings and connecting its viewers in some way to some part of themselves.


What motivates and inspires you?


Bringing emotions to life through my paintings is what really motivates me.  The world of colours is amazingly vast and intriguing, and the expression of feelings and colours combined together on a blank canvas, transforming it to something so vivid, is truly admirable. I don’t just love to paint, I live to paint.


What is your particular artistic process?


Well I guess its as simple as just taking a paint brush and putting down my vision of the painting onto the canvas! I work with acrylics and oil, sometimes combined. I also enjoy using charcoal. The effect brought about using these mediums is wonderful. I don’t follow any process though. Painting needs to come from the soul. I could be reading a book and an idea would crop in my head which I would instantly then transfer onto the canvas. It is all on the spur of the moment. My painting style is unique, it is not an everyday or commonly seen artwork.


What are your plans for the future?


I wish for my paintings to decorate the walls of art lovers’ homes worldwide!




Poptart Gallery 2018, UK
Abhivyakt Art Fair 2018, India
Abu Dhabi Art Hub, 2018
World Art Dubai, 2018
Tokyo International Art fair 2017, Japan
The Workshop 2017, Dubai
SME 2017, Dubai
Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 2016, USA
Gallery 25N Online Art Gallery 2016, USA
S.K.A. Fair 2016, India
Golden Thread Gallery 2016, USA


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Minika S. K.

M: +973 3905 0111

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Instagram: @gkswmz


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