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CARAVAN's peacebuilding exhibition at Sotheby's

Featuring the work of 14 Bahrain artists, inspired by Kahhil Gibran: A Guide for Our Times, CARAVAN's peacebuilding exhibition at Sotheby's in London, ran from the 6th to 10th August. Bahrain Arts Magazine was there to view their work.

Musician, DJ and Producer Kayan

Kayan is a Techno, House and Multicultural music producer, and one of a very small number of female Bahraini DJs on the island. Bahrain Arts Magazine caught up with her on a break from the studio, and chatted about her journey into music and as a DJ and music producer, exploring what motivates and inspires her and drives her into producing her beautifully unique and often emotionally moving sounds.

Artist Mariam Haji

Mariam Haji is a Bahraini multi-disciplinary contemporary fine artist who currently lives and works between Finland and Bahrain. She represented the Kingdom of Bahrain in the 55th Venice Biennale 2013, and in 2012 was the winner of Bahrain's 38th National Fine Art Competition for her 'Muse' series. Mariam has also been invited to lead several artist talks at leading art institutions worldwide including; Mathaf Arab Museum Of Modern Art in Doha, The Ministry of the People's Republic of China in Beijing, and the Corner College in Zurich, Switzerland.

Photographer Loredana Mantello

Not being able to express her thoughts through writing or painting, photography was the only way Loredana could exhibit her state of mind and her  emotions. It all started when she was in her 20s and had gone to Boston, USA, to work as an assistant in a dark room laboratory. It was then that she discovered her real passion and desire for photography.

Artist Sana Asad

Pakistani born Sana started her career as a fashion designer, but turned her passion for design into teaching when her family moved firstly to Saudi Arabia and then to Bahrain, where she started taking art classes at different art studios, explored different techniques, and started an art community called Wild About Art & Craft.

Photographer Shikha Varma

Bahrain based Shikha ventured into the world of photography quite by accident just five years ago, when she came up with an idea to create a short video called ‘Paint It Red’  - based on photos that had at least one red object in it. Eventually she ended up using 125 objects from nearly 500 photographs, at different angles, apertures and focal lengths, of things as varied as toys and tomatoes, to flowers and her guitar. From that first project, her work has gone onto grace the walls of a number of photography exhibitions and galleries in The Kingdom.

Illustrator Ali Khalil

Ali is a Bahraini cartoonist and Illustrator, whose work is often humorous, occasionally controversial and always thought-provoking and unique.

Photographer Gaye Bentham

British born Gaye first came to Bahrain in 1983, and her affection for this beautiful country and its people has kept her here ever since. Gaye has exhibited at Anamil Gallery, Al Riwaq Art Space, the InTouch Art Gallery, and Art at the Harbour, and her work has been featured in Bahrain this Month, Time Out Bahrain, Fact magazine, Marhaba fil Bahrain and in a number of local newspapers. On top of this, she has been published by National Geographic, and has five times been shortlisted for National Geographic online assignments.

Poet Rohini Sunderam

Long time Bahrain resident Rohini is the author of Corpoetry, a collection of light-hearted verse about corporate life, and Desert Flower, (as Zohra Saeed) a romantic story set in 1930s Bahrain. Her poetry has also been featured extensively in Collections of Poetry and Prose book series, My Beautiful Bahrain, More of My Beautiful Bahrain, Poetic Bahrain, and she currently runs The Bahrain Writers' Circle and The Second Circle poetry group.

Artist Yusra Ahmed

In 1994, after graduating with a Masters in architecture in Moscow and to escape the Yemeni civil war, Yemeni born Yusra and her husband and 4 year-old son, moved to Bahrain. A new life lay ahead them in an estranged desert island, and it was there that her love of art really developed. From her early days being immersed in Russian arts and culture, Yusra always had a fascination with the subject, but she soon found could never be satisfied with the stringent theory and methodology of realism; in her eyes its rigid rules and order give no real room for self-expression.

Embroidery Artist Nathaly Jung

Bahrain based Nathaly's passion for embroidery started very young, when she used to watch her mother and grandmother embroider her dolls' dresses in Algeria, and every Easter, Nathaly and her family would visit the nuns from the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette in the Algerian Sahara, who taught embroidery to the women of remote villages across the region.

Furniture Artist Tahira Ansari

Tahira repaints, redo, refinish, restore and turns forgotten pieces of furniture into art, and furniture to be one again admired and desired.

Art Reach Bahrain

Art Reach Bahrain is a non-profit group of artists and designers who volunteer their time and skills, to work with students and community members to produce creative art installations for public parks and streets in Bahrain. Our members and volunteers are Bahraini and non-Bahraini working together for the benefit of the community. Our mission has been to inspire creativity, to teach new skills and to promote the value of working for the benefit of others. Our hope is that through this collaboration, students will learn that they can make a positive change to their environment.

Art Divano

Formed in 2003 by Afaf Zainalabedin and Marion Akanji, ARTDIVANO is a unique concept fusing art consultancies with a concept gallery and art boutique, promoting newcomers, young and upcoming artistes, as well as established and recognized local, regional and international artists.

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"Art is poetry, that is seen rather than felt." Leonardo da Vinci


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