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Having a story behind each of Neda's pieces is highly important to her; for each character she creates unique and often morbid stories that have a dark twist, where the characters either take charge of their own fate, or have gruesome events unfold around them, eventually leading them to their unhappily ever after.


As a child I used to love drawing, although I wasn’t very good at it. I was more focused on the basics where I would copy pictures of cartoon characters or imitate other drawings. Back then it was just a hobby that I never took seriously or cared on improving; mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t very good at it! I was also very set on the idea that art is a talent that people are born with, and I simply didn’t have it.


It wasn’t until 2016 where I randomly picked up some watercolours and decided to paint and, for the first time, explore mediums other than pencils, that I found myself really enjoying it. I started doing more and more paintings using watercolours and getting the hang of how to use the paints in the best possible way. I understood that the key is simply to just practice. Once I became comfortable with using watercolours, I had to then move on to new challenges, and became interested in the idea of making new things or using different techniques to create art.


As opposed to sticking to what I know, I became obsessed with constantly wanting to try new stuff which allowed me to explore a lot of different styles of art. From watercolours, I moved on to trying different and unique things such as using other mediums and paints and painting on leaves. I never intended on having a certain style; I simply did what I liked to do, and used art to express thoughts, emotions and messages.


In the beginning, I was fascinated with space and galaxies and it was the main theme for all my artworks. After a lot of practice, I became more confident trying different things and make art that has certain messages or stories to tell. I’ve also always liked to produce art that is more on the dark and grim side and the more confident I got with my art abilities, the more it allowed me the freedom to be able to put out the thoughts and images in my head onto paper.


I feel like throughout the past two years my art has been changing, yet there are some certain qualities that are common with all my artwork. Art was a way for me to express and let my imagination flow, which is what formed my style.


Everything around me motivates and inspires me. The main inspiration for all of my art is my own life, my thoughts and ideas and what goes on in my head. I also get inspired by everything around me, whether it’s books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, other forms of art, or even music. However I never force myself to produce anything; if an idea comes to me, that’s when I pick up the pencil and paint brushes. It all depends on finding inspiration and thinking of ideas or stories I want to convey visually. Usually it starts with an idea, I start sketching the idea and keep changing it until I’m finally happy with it. Most of the time the initial idea changes and evolves while I’m sketching and painting until the final result is done. I also take inspiration from other artists that are more focused on the art, expressing themselves, and forming their own style, rather than artists who follow what’s been done before. My influences are artists who haven’t lost the essence of what art is all about.


I’ve had two exhibitions in Malja art space on Amwaj through an exhibit called Blind Collaboration where I anonymously collaborated with writers and turned their writing pieces in visual art. I’ve also had a solo exhibition in Sonder, a coffee shop that works with artists. The pieces exhibited were the Cursed Princess Series. I’ve had also had some of my work exhibited in the University of Bahrain, and have participated in a lot of the Artist Alleys events that happen in Bahrain.


My only goal now is to keep making art that is meaningful, and never losing my passion for creating. The main reason I’ve pursued art is to see it as an outlet for me to express myself. As long as I’m successfully staying true to that, I have reached my goal.


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Neda Jahrami
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