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Preeti's home has been the Kingdom of Bahrain for the past 18 years. She is an architect. Travel, serenity and music lead her to discoveries that she describe in paintings, and verse and movement has always been her main contemplation. Whirling dervishes were hence an obvious model, with their flowing skirts and dance form. Yet, through them, she discovered that real movement was less about physical displacement and more about the trajectory of the heart and mind towards understanding and discovery.



Life is known to be a journey. How then is its movement traced? Is it a geographical displacement from one place to another? Or is it seen in a lapse of time recorded in years, as my age? Nothing in these options makes it unique. Life’s trajectory would be a trudge then, not a journey. Nothing moves me more than music. Listening to Qafi- Qawwali or Khyaal- Thumri I feel transported and meditative. With music though, there is stirring. And movement. Ragas (Indian classical music) can transport us to a realm beyond the physical. I have dipped my brushes in bleach and drawn out the golds and sepias from black ink. This unique technique is integral to my depiction of music and movement. Every stroke extends a little beyond me, allows me to imply like the un-struck note. In my paintings I describe life’s cadence. Each painting continues to lead to the next. Thus my explorations continue.


December 2015

My book of verse titled: Digital Footprint is published.

Complete a series on Whirling Dervishes in oils on canvas.

Converted my interior design studio to a full-time art studio.


January 2017  
Invited to an exhibition in Mumbai at ART35 by Ficus Fine Living.
Invited to participate at the Khajuraho Dance Festival.


February 2017
Displayed four of my mausiqi or music series at Art Mart at the Khajuraho Dance festivall.


December 2017
Displayed sixteen paintings at the Tansen Samaroh international music festival.


August 2018
Exhibiting at the Nehru Centre, London, from 13th to the 17th.
A second book of verse to be published.


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Preeti Rana

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