Glass artist and sculptor Nomi Rajan


Nomi gets a lot of her inspiration from nature, plants and the ocean, and often a simple thing like the colours within a leaf can inspire her. For her, there is no other medium as beautiful and as versatile as glass.



How did your journey with glass art and sculpture begin?

In 2007, I saw a promotion on the television. They were putting molten glass (melted glass) on top of other glass. That was the moment when I forgot about the world and just stood there fascinated. From that time on I started looking around for places to learn the techniques of glass art, As they say curiosity kills the cat, and eventually I found a school in Rochester in the UK, about 50 km south east of London. And so, in 2009, that was where I went to start my very first course in glass fusion, and I have been learning how to bring a simple sheet of glass to life ever since.

Why glass?

Simply because the way glass reflects colours when light is passed through, it is just amazing! I don't think there is another medium as beautiful and as versatile as glass. Glass, when heated becomes flexible; it melts like water and then hardens again on cooling. If it's transparent then the colours are enhanced with the light passing through it. If it's opalescent then the glass blocks the light and shows off its own beauty.

How did things develop from that first course?

At first I started making bowls and platters but soon wanted to make something bigger, and that's when I decided to bring glass art into architecture, and my journey in architectural glass and glass sculpture started. I participated in the Gulf Interiors exhibition in 2012, after which I was awarded a commission to make a glass art ceiling. After that, a few more orders followed. In 2013, I went to the Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle, USA, to study Architectural Glass Art. Dale Chihuly a renown American glass sculptor and entrepreneur who has created award-winning sculptures, is one of the founders of this school.

What sort of things have you made from glass?

I make lots of bespoke glass items for people including fish shaped glass tiles and shells for a swimming pool, and glass tiles in the shape of leaves to be placed on the walkway around the pool, glass curtains, glass pillars, glass wall panels with Arabic calligraphy, glass ladybirds and jewellery.

What mostly inspires you?

As you can see, I get a lot of inspiration from nature, plants, and the ocean. Sometimes a simple thing like leaf can inspire me when I see the different shades of colours contained within it. Mother Nature provides us with all kinds of beautiful combination of colours, we don't really need to look anywhere else!

How do you transform your initial thoughts into a piece of art or sculpture?

Whenever I have a project in mind, I think and plan the whole process through; from deciding which colours to select to what kind of glass and what quantity to use that would make the project look the most beautiful. There are many varieties of glass available, for example transparent, opalescent, diachronic. Then I decide on the design, will it have texture or not? whether it would it require a mould, or would I need to add another medium of art or just glass? Composing a piece requires a whole lot of strategy and I use many different techniques to acquire a certain look. Each project teaches me something new, and I am continually evolving, learning and growing with my art.

And lastly what are your goals for the future?

Would love to see glass art spread in the Middle East, and in other parts of this beautiful world as well.


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Nomi Rajan

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