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With his father a sculptor and his mother a musician, Bahrain based Sudeep grew up heavily influenced in art and the arts. His sculpture is influenced by the behavioural patterns of the people he sees around him; their own geometry, their own lines, their own mass and their own space.



Since childhood, I always had a strong inclination towards art and design, and pursuing a career in architecture was always on my mind. My father Dr. Sudhir Deshpande, a sculptor and painter, has always been my greatest inspiration. A self-taught artist himself, his most important lessons to me have been about how to approach art as ‘a thought,’ and that has made a big impact on my journey.


It was during my graduation as an architecture that I fully realized that, in the process of conceiving a thought, one needs to understand the medium of its execution. Some thoughts need to be expressed on canvas, whereas some need multiple dimensions and are therefore best expressed as sculpture. My motivations are the emotions, moods, behavioural patterns and relationships that we go through as human beings; they all have their own geometry, their own lines, their own mass and their own space, and to be able to identify the FORM of an ‘emotion’ and to execute it or transform it into sculpture, has always been my interest and intention, and in doing so sculpture becomes an education for me. It is trance-like and it is the only way I know how to meditate.


Primarily abstract in nature, my works speak of thoughts that prevail and coexist, without a condition of being expressed in the normal ways. The abstract manipulation of form in space to create visual balance, using rhythm, action and movement, combine to create compositions that convey the implied energy found in my work. My compositions hold a tight palette, to be in context with the subject matter and its strong symbolism, and one can find a minimalistic approach in the expression of subjects in my works. My sculptures allude to an evolutionary process that we all share in human experience. Striving for visual balance and the implied energy of a compositional organization become an evolutionary process that I associate with the evolution of life experiences that we all commonly share; family, ambition, loneliness, music, perhaps a musician or a couple. The active forms that are brought together represent the flux of life, and embrace transformative concepts such as evolution, metamorphosis and transcendence, and the process of change that occurs in all living things, especially human-beings, fascinate me. The observation of these concepts in my own personal evolution has made me more sensitive to its occurrence in other living things, and contributes to the visual aspects of my sculpture. That is what inspires me.


My sculptures vary in scale from small pedestal work to life-size or larger interactive compositions. They are conceived with an intention of executing them as large-scale installations, or they can bridge a space. They are created from multiple parts and often have open, transparent areas, in contrast to solid forms. They are poly-formed as opposed to monolithic. I have worked in many mediums, but metal has remained best suited for my work because of its strength, malleability, and inherent beauty. Many of my works are made from scrap metal. and I think metal allows me to read its realistic state and it gives me an opportunity to confess my feelings. Scrap usually is defined as something that is a waste or something that cannot be used, but using scrap and converting it into an art form and exhibiting them is, in itself, a beautiful journey.


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Sudeep Deshpande
Tel; +973 3349 8150
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